Artist Statement

My fundamental intention is to give life to materials and generate separate entities which exist on their own. I create my own ritual objects and environments which uplift my soul. My work is about my personal mythology which embodies the essence of the world I live in.

I work mainly in drawing and sculpture which often capture the sense of flow, energy, time and space. I use liquid and flexible materials such as water, ink, plaster, fabric and rubber. The works are generated in a short period of time and one-off.

I call this work generation process "manifestation of entity" which only happens when my unconsciousness is purely harmonized with the natural phenomena caused by materials. The result of the process becomes my work. It is "mass of life" which communicates itself on its own terms.

This is only achieved after rigorous physical and spiritual training. Before the actual making process, I interpret the materials logically and intuitively until they start to become part of my body, which later allows me to work spontaneously. I also try to bring my mind to the state of "nothingness" by clearing all destructive thoughts and relying on my unconsciousness during the work generation process. These concepts are influenced by Japanese calligraphy which I have been practicing for a long time.